Sacred Heart Enthronement Network
The enthronement team of the Sacred Heart came to our home. They were very gracious and kind. The pictures they left were beautiful and we love having them in our living room. This has been so meaningful to us and we thank all of you for this mission. God bless you.
Sacred Heart Enthronement Network
One unexpected update from our own Enthronement: one of our children was a little reluctant to participate in the Enthronement, mostly because he wasn't exactly sure what it entailed and was hesitant about "the promises". He has become more secular in his daily life, though he was brought up with a traditional faith life...he had simply wandered away to the point to be afraid to believe in God as he struggles in other areas in his life. Since the enthronement, this child began praying the Rosary, on his own again. He also left for college and requested to take the Enthronement with him! We will be doing an enthronement at our son's home at their request! Thank you for bringing this gift of the Sacred Heart to our family. The promises are a true blessing to each of us.
Sacred Heart Enthronement Network
After years of struggling with secondary infertility and three miscarriages, we (wife, daughter, me) enthroned our home to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in January 2014 to ask for a blessing of an addition to our family. After attending First Friday Mass for eight months, we learned of a young woman who was looking to place her child in an adoption arrangement. My wife and I never felt called to adopt, but we agreed to consider this particular private adoption.

We soon learned that the baby's due date was the Feast Day of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Disciple of the Sacred Heart. We also learned that the birth mother, who was raised Catholic, had an image of the Sacred Heart hanging prominently in her home.

After our ninth First Friday Mass, the adoption was agreed to by the birth mother and my family. The birth mother and my family independently chose the same name for the child. The name was derived from the Sacred Heart.

We are happy to welcome this new life into our home, as the adoption has been made official. We know this was an answered prayer thanks to the Enthronement to the Sacred Heart.