Businesses Kit

Each kit includes – Enthronement manual, a welcome letter, instructions, two rosaries, 8 x 10 framed images of Jesus and Mary, the certificate of completion, brochures explaining the devotion, and prayer cards with the “Holy Heart Prayer”.

Suggested donation for this kit is $40



The suggested donation for this kit with shipping costs included is $40. 

Guide to Enthronement for Business and Organizations to the Sacred Heart

Fr. Stash Dailey shares,  “This manual walks you through how to entrust all you do to our Lord Jesus, asking Him to be present in your place and in the lives of those who work there.” This manual is a wonderful resources for any organization, Knights of Columbus,and or business that desires to welcome Christ as King, brother and friend. This devotion is a wonderful way to welcome Jesus to be present in the conversations, the thoughts and the deeds performed in your place of work. This booklet includes:

  • Instructions to Enthroning a Business or Organization
  • Introduction
  • Prayers for the Enthronement
  • Scripture
  • Closing Prayers which include the Nicene Creed and the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Certificate of Completion