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What is Enthronement to the Sacred Heart?

“The Enthronement is the official and social recognition of the rule of the Sacred Heart of Jesus over the Christian family, a recognition affirmed, outwardly expressed and made permanent by the solemn installation of the image of the divine Heart in a conspicuous place in the home, and by the Act of Consecration.”

(Fr. Mateo, 1907)

  • A ceremony where Jesus is invited into your home and is given authority over your family/household.
  • A ceremony that takes place in your home as an act of homage offered to Jesus Christ, King of Kings.
  • A social recognition of the kingship of Jesus over the home and all of society.
  • An act of reparation to make up for all who have “dethroned” Jesus in our secular world.
  • An event where an image of Our Lord’s Sacred Heart is given a place of honor in the home.


 The Process of the Enthronement

The act of Enthronement to the Sacred Heart is an act which takes an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and places this image at the heart of a home, a business, or even a school. The prayers of the Enthronement place the individual, the family, or a community at the feet of our merciful King asking Him to become present in that place as not only our King but also our friend, our brother, and finally our loving Saviour.

The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in your home is an act of adoration that publicly declares Him as “Lord of the Household.” It is more than setting aside a dwelling place for Him in a building; it is the welcoming of the Reign of Christ into the heart of the family who dwells within that place. He becomes the central focus. He promises great blessings for families and individuals who honor Him with the installation of a blessed image of His Sacred Heart, proclaim His Kingship over them and make a covenant of love with Him.

This action of enthroning the Sacred Heart has an impact on families and individuals that carries over to society and becomes the basis for spreading the Social Reign of our King and Savior. In this sense, the Enthronement is very much in line with the mind of the Church who wishes to see acts of charity, peace and justice move from the family circle to all society..

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Are you ready to Enthrone your home, business, or school to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?